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One of the coolest things about this company is that it is brand new! Many states do not even have a consultant yet! What does that mean for you??? Wide open opportunity! 
When the company receives inquiries for a consultant, they will send them all to you! Contact me (Tiffany) to find out if there is a consultant in your area,

Set your own goals as you work on building your business from home, part-time or full-time. You can achieve your dreams while earning a great income, making new friends, helping others, earning free products, and so much more!

As you share your passion for cooking, learning and preparedness in comfortable home settings, you’ll experience the fulfillment of teaching others how to be self-reliant. While there is no shortage of direct sales companies, never has there been an opportunity to sell such a practical product as essential to life as THRIVE foods. With the great taste and extensive shelf life of THRIVE foods, the high quality and usefulness of its food rotation systems, and the powerful online tools and support material, Shelf Reliance makes it easy to succeed as a consultant!

1 • Party commissions

Conduct a Shelf Reliance Party and earn commission on sales made at the party. All orders not placed through the THRIVE Q, including Food Rotation SystemsEmergency Supplies and one time THRIVE orders, will be paid out at a 10% commission rate. You will receive 20% - 32% commission for those you set up on the THRIVE Q
See graph.

2 • Reocurring commissions

One of the greatest parts about being a Shelf Reliance Consultant is getting a 5% reoccurring commission check monthly! With Shelf Reliance’s proprietary Food Storage Planner and monthly payment program THRIVE Q, it’s easy for people to build a long term food storage on a monthly budget. Once they experience the great taste of THRIVE and learn to incorporate it on a regular basis, they’ll likely remain Shelf Reliance customers for life. What does it mean for you? Monthly commission checks for life!

3 • Host your own party

When you host a party with your own family and friends, you will receive the same benefits as when you conduct a party for someone else. However, since you are hosting the party, you will also receive host benefits.

4 • Build a team

Enroll others to join your team as consultants and earn $50 each time! As your team grows, you will also receive commissions from all of your consultants’ parties, sales, and THRIVE Q signups for up to 3 levels below you. Click here to see requirements for team earnings.

Shelf Reliance will take care of all of the overhead costs associated with starting a traditional business, such as inventory management and staffing. Our toll-free support line is there to assist you and your customers with any questions. Working as a Home Parties Consultant will allow you access to these other helpful tools:

Engaging Training
Participate in interactive web and phone conferences, as well as local, regional, and national events that offer the training you need to be successful.

Professional Business Supplies
We offer everything you need to market your business including brochures, tools, and the Shelf Reliance web site.

Desirable Product Line 
Shelf Reliance offers superior products that are designed to improve lifestyle and help people become self reliant. From THRIVE, our delicious and practical line of food, to our durable, space-efficient Food Rotation Systems, you'll have no problem growing your business with confidence.

Shelf Reliance is a solid company built upon principles of honesty and integrity. We're known for the high quality and excellent design of our products, Shelf Reliance is a name you can stand behind with a reputation you can trust.

People are the most important part of Shelf Reliance. At Shelf Reliance events, we recognize and reward individuals for their accomplishments. These events also allow us to offer additional classes and information for consultants. Make sure to attend these events to receive the training and recognition that will make your business shine!

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