Monday, March 29, 2010

What does your pantry look like?

Last Monday this is what my Mother's pantry looked like. 

She needed help!

She also hates change.

She decided to get some of the Cansolidator 40 can shelves and see what she could do with them. A few hours later, and her entire pantry on the kitchen floor, she found "treasures" beyond her wildest dreams!

Do you know what happens to cans of pineapple that go 8 years past their expiration date?

Yes, they explode.

All over the back of her pantry! 

This is the before picture.

The shelves themselves were super easy to assemble. It only took minutes. In fact, my Mother recruited some little granddaughters to help.

She stacked two on top of one another on the floor and put two side by side up on the shelf.

A day later, and an archaeological dig behind her, my Mothers pantry now looks like this! 

She keeps the door open.

I think she is bragging...

It is organized for the first time in the 22 years that she has lived there. She was able to find the source of the moths that were getting her boxed items, there is a ton more room, everything is easily accessible and she found cans from the 80's that she tossed!

It is hard from the picture to tell exactly how much more room she has, but in person it is striking!

I am so happy for her and my Dad, way to go!


  1. Wow, as a person who has personally reorganized that pantry himself once or twice, I'm amazed. I can't believe how good it looks. That's a night and day difference. I'm not surprised what "hidden" and "vintage" canned goods where found. They say '84 was a good year for creamed corn...Seriously, her pantry looks amazing.

  2. Looks great! I also love the new drawings.

  3. I like your new blog.

    Well my pantry in the kitchen is a mess. It doesn't help that my 21 month old loves to get into the snacks. But my food storage room is pretty organized. But I need a better way to rotate.

  4. My 'pantry' looks like industrial shelves shelves scattered around the house (mostly the kitchen). I have a total of 6 cabinets in my kitchen & no pantry. To keep food & storage, I placed black Rubbermade, free standing shelves against the wall on every open space there is (kitchen is 12 X 12) and, I put 3 white wire shelves on tracks on the wall over an 'alcove' of shelving created by placing shelves against the side of the fridge, wall & oven. I have a steel 'store display' shelf with 4 shelves which is on wheels next to the window. Water is stored in its original crates against the entry hall wall. My original 6 buckets line the wall next to the shelves, I keep opened packages in these 'working' buckets. Its a bit crowded, but It really helps having the shelves, and the storage.

  5. I'm contantly rotating my pantry. Cans are the most difficul item for me to store. Those shelves would be great!

  6. I've been really trying to keep my pantry organized but it is a mess. I have cans organized by soups, tomato sauces, Chinese Veggies, etc...but my kids always get in there and mix it all up. The boxes are on the top shelf and include cereals and potatoes. You know I can never find anything there since they always mix them up!! I have all the juices on the floor. I would love to add some organizers to the pantry. I imagine it would really help eliminate OLD cans! (a pet peeve of mine!)